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Blind Heaven

~a BLOOD community~

Blind Heaven ~a BLOOD community~
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Welcome! It's all about the band BLOOD, featuring KAEDE on bass, KIWAMU on guitar and fu-ki on vocals. This is a very great band! If you want to learn about a new j rock band, then this one is so the effort of looking up. Please enjoy!

This community was created for people to learn more about the band or just discuss them. Feel free to post at any time, but I do have a few rules that I ask everyone to follow.

1. Please be nice to everyone, and please, respect others and what they think.
2. No extreme vulgar language here [ex. every other work being f*ck]. Keep vulgarity out of this community, that is what your lj is for.
3. If you're going to post a large picture, please use an lj-cut; if you make many icons, please use an lj-cut; but if the pics are small or there are not many icons, post freely.
4. Please stay on the topic of this community. Don't post something that has nothing to do with BLOOD.

Please enjoy your time here, and I hope everyone has fun here. Thank you.